If you come up with an ideal country for tourism, then the list will definitely include a warm clear sea, good beaches, a variety of natural landscapes (mountains, sea, lakes,…

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How to cook an Italian dish - perfect lasagna
If you will make the dough yourself, take durum wheat flour - Farina di grano duro (in Italian) or Hartweizengriess (in German) The Italians say: “Pizza is a lover, and…

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All methods of immigration to Italy in 2019-2020
Italy every year attracts an increasing number of potential emigrants among citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, who like the calm and measured Italian life, the Mediterranean climate with mild sunny…

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Hills of florence

Already in the XIV century, a large number of “rich villas, towers, courtyards and gardens” in the vicinity of Florence made a strong impression on travelers, according to Giovanni Villani, it seemed that the city was twice its size. The dome of Brunneleschi rises above the city, connoisseurs of art and wealthy people, noble Florentines and travelers, Muse fans and company leaders loved to stay here.

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Val Di Fiemme – the world capital of winter sports

The ski resort of Val Di Fiemme, located in the Italian region of Trentino, is well known among athletes for various types of winter sports – professionals and amateurs, as well as their fans. They have chosen this wide valley, surrounded by wooded mountain peaks, for a long time – some for training and finding out which of them is the strongest at the given time, others – to look at all this and support their beloved team.

Sports have always been held here regularly enough, but recently, their number has increased
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5 Italian resorts you might not know about

Year after year, travelers storm the same Italian places: the coast of Sardinia and the Sicilian Taormina, the Tuscan hills and the resorts of Emilia-Romagna, land in whole landings in the Ligurian Cinque Terre or Ischia. For those who are looking for new routes and do not want to meet package tourists, I chose 10 resort places in Italy, where Italians themselves relax.

1. Zeros, Liguria
10 Italian resorts you might not know about

Zeros is a picturesque fishing village halfway from Genoa to France. This area is called Riviera di Ponente and is famous for its long sandy beaches and roads with dizzying views. Having rented a car, from Noli Continue reading

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Italian coast and a variety of beaches
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Italy ski resorts
However, here we are, of course, a little cunning. And the ski brotherhood has a special attitude to those who do not ride. For them, they have come up with…


The whole truth about 25 Italian "no"
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Sicily Autonomous Region - the cradle of civilization
Sicily is Italy's largest region. It includes the island of Sicily and a number of islands. It is here that the active volcano Etna is located, which periodically reminds of…