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Italian coast and a variety of beaches
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5 Italian resorts you might not know about

Year after year, travelers storm the same Italian places: the coast of Sardinia and the Sicilian Taormina, the Tuscan hills and the resorts of Emilia-Romagna, land in whole landings in the Ligurian Cinque Terre or Ischia. For those who are looking for new routes and do not want to meet package tourists, I chose 10 resort places in Italy, where Italians themselves relax.

1. Zeros, Liguria
10 Italian resorts you might not know about

Zeros is a picturesque fishing village halfway from Genoa to France. This area is called Riviera di Ponente and is famous for its long sandy beaches and roads with dizzying views. Having rented a car, from Noli you can go to San Remo, visit Genoa and the Cinque Terre, or simply enjoy the comfort of small coastal towns.

How to get there:
By plane to Milan or Genoa, then by car. From Genoa it is also convenient to get to Zero by direct train: it takes a little more than an hour.

Where to live:
Ca ‘de Tobia Luxury Guesthouse

The guesthouse is located a few meters from the beach and occupies a beautifully restored historic building. Inside are 6 marine-style guest rooms, a spacious breakfast room, and an aperitif terrace. Signor Andrea, the owner of the hotel, will be able to reserve the best beach spots for you throughout your stay in the town.

2. Pantelleria, Sicily

On Pantelleria, a small island geographically closer to Tunisia than to Sicily, Italian celebrities rest. The island is beautiful for its unspoiled nature, solitude, an interesting mix of European and Arab culture. Passito di Pantelleria sweet wine is produced here, so a visit to the wineries can become an interesting part of the vacation program.

How to get there:
For example, a direct or connecting flight from Moscow to Milan, but a direct flight from Milan to Pantelleria. Airplanes fly from Sicilian Trapani: a flight in this case will take only 25 minutes.

Where to live:
Zubebi resort

This resort is located in several dammusi – typical of Pantelleria stone houses. There are only 8 rooms, the interior of which is dominated by wood and stone, complemented by textiles with ethnic notes. Guests can enjoy the on-site restaurant, which serves local dishes made with organic products. You can enjoy the sun setting in the sea by the crescent-shaped outdoor pool. The owners of the hotel are also ready to organize diving and trekking for you, various excursions, rent a car, bike or boat.

3. Maratea, Basilicata

The coast on which Maratea is located is similar to Amalfi, with the only difference being that there are far fewer foreign tourists. The local landscape is formed by a rugged rocky coastline, the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea and the greenery of pines. The town itself is a wonderful pile of colorful houses, an avalanche flowing down to the sea. Over the city stands, arms outstretched, a 22-meter statue of Jesus Christ.

How to get there:
First you have to get by plane to Naples or Salerno with a connection, for example, in Rome, and from there by train (1.5-2 hours) or by car (2-2.5 hours) get to Maratea.

Where to live:
La Locanda delle Donne Monache Hotel 4 *

This amazing hotel is housed in a convent, built in 1735. The hotel has 27 rooms with pristine white walls and simple wooden furniture, a gastronomic restaurant, and a bar. An outdoor pool is on site. The hotel is in the mountains; A free shuttle service will take you to the beach, 6 km away. Holidays here are also suitable for lovers of active pastime: walking routes are laid in the mountains, sea excursions and diving are possible. Those who appreciate wine can visit the wineries located in the region.

4. Todi, Umbria

Umbria does not come to mind first when you think of Italian resorts. There is no sea here, but there are hills covered with vineyards, where there are fewer tourists than in Tuscany, tiny towns, where time stopped centuries ago, golf courses, horse riding clubs. Todi is one of the Umbrian pearls, almost a toy pretty town, where it is sometimes difficult for two pedestrians to disperse on the streets.

How to get there:
It is most convenient to fly from Moscow to Rome, where direct and connecting flights are carried out, rent a car and go to Todi. The road will take about an hour and a half. You can also get from Rome by Sulga bus or train with a change to Terni.

Where to live:
Tenuta di Canonica Romantic Hotel

5. Pesaro, Marche

The beautiful seaside Pesaro is the birthplace of Joacchino Rossini and a great alternative to the more popular tourist resorts of the Adriatic like Rimini. Along the whole city stretched a well-kept sandy beach and a long promenade, laden with cafe tables and easels of artists.

Where to live:
Excelsior Hotel 5 *

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