Beach Resorts Italy
Italy is an infinitely multifaceted country. What are the first associations that arise when a person hears the word Italy? Of course, the world-famous cuisine, ancient culture, unusually beautiful architecture,…

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Italy and Europe: travel and leisure
This resort is not familiar to Russian tourists in large numbers, but in Italy it is very popular, and not in vain. This is a real gem of the Adriatic…

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How to save money on independent holidays in Italy
If you decide on an independent trip to Italy, then we will be glad to tell you about how you can decently save on your trip. Perhaps you have heard…

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Thermal Resorts Lombardy

Province of bergamo
Terme di sant’omobono
Viale alle Fonti 117
24038 Sant’Omobono Terme (BG)
Telefono: +39 035.851114

Type of water: sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium.

Sulfur waters are especially good for skin care.

Thermal Center Sant Omobono
Thermal Center Sant Omobono |

The thermal center of Sant Omobono (Terme Sant’Omobono) is located 25 km from Bergamo in the picturesque valley of Valle Imagna (Valle Imagna) at an altitude of 500 m. The climate, which is extremely mild, makes these places undeniably attractive for summer vacations. From entertainment – fascinating walks in the valley and speleology classes. The valley is characterized by an abundance of karst formations: on its territory there are about 250 caves and many karst funnels of high interest. The thermal center offers numerous physiotherapeutic procedures, special tonic body massages. There are also thermal pools. The thermal spa is part of the national health system.

Trescore Balneario
Province of bergamo
Trescore balneario

Thermal Center Trescore Balneario
Thermal Center Trescore Balneario |

Via Gramsci
24069 Trescore Balneario (BG)
Telefono: +39 035.4255511

Type of water: sulphate-sulphate-calcium

Thermal hydrogen sulfide waters of Trescore have been known since ancient Rome.

Thermal Center Trescore Balneario
Thermal Center Trescore Balneario |

The thermal center of Trescore Balneario, located among the hills of the Valle Cavallina Valley, stretching from Bergamo to Lake Iseo and the Valcamonica Valley, has picturesque surroundings and a particularly mild climate. At this place, the first settlements arose already in prehistoric times, in antiquity there was a large population center, but it began to acquire special significance from the beginning of the XIII century, after the construction of defensive structures. The thermal resort was popular in the days of ancient Rome, however, the first medical information about the properties of its sulfuric waters dates back to the 15th century, when the famous Italian condottier Bartolomeo Colleoni reconstructed the baths on the site of a medieval Benedictine monastery, which in turn was erected on the ruins of ancient baths. The thermal spa is part of the national health system.

Angolo Terme
Brescia Province
Viale Terme 53
25040 Angolo Terme (BS)
Telefono: +39 0364.548244

Corps of Angolo Terme
Enclosures Angolo Terme |

Water Type: Sulphate-Bicarbonate-Alkaline Iron

Saturated with mineral salts, the thermal waters of Angolo are especially favorable for cosmetic treatment.

Angolo Terme
Angolo Terme |

Angolo Terme is a popular modern thermal resort located at the very beginning of the Val di Scalve Valley. The surrounding nature bears the imprint of a close proximity to the lakes – Iseo and Moro – and the Valkamonika valley. The thermal resort of Angolo is unique because of its microclimate, the atmosphere of freshness in the summer, and especially the thermal waters. The healing properties of the source of San Silvestro have been known for many centuries. The thermal complex occupies a flat area on the left bank of the Dezzo River, it is surrounded by a park of 35,000 sq.m. Healing waters and pure nature contribute to improving health: here you can successfully combine thermal treatments and walks in the fresh air, contributing to the cleansing of the body. The thermal spa is part of the national health system.

Terme Boario
Darfo Boario Terme, province of Brescia

Terme di boario
Piazzale delle terme 3
25041 Darfo Boario Terme (BS)
Telefono: +39 0364.525011

Type of water: sulphate-bicarbonate-calcium

Terme Boario
Terme Boario |

100 bottles of Boario’s mineral water helped the famous Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni recover from liver disease.

Boario is a well-known thermal and tourist resort located near Brescia in the Valcamonica Valley, north of Lake Iseo. The popularity boom of these terms, known since the 15th century, fell on the second half of the 19th century, after the resort was “promoted” by the famous Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni. His stay in the Baorio baths benefited not only himself, but also the resort: since noblesse oblige obliges the situation, in 1913 a magnificent white marble dome in the Modern style was erected over the thermal center, which became the symbol of the whole resort. In total there are four sources, the waters of all four originate in the mountains of Monte Altissimo, from where each flows into the baths in its own way, which runs between the hydromineral layers, to various degrees enriched with various mineral salts. That is why each of the sources has its own healing properties. The thermal spa is part of the national health system.

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