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Possibilities of sunny Italy or why Ukrainian students love this country so much

It is no secret to anyone that studying in Italy for Ukrainians opens up a ton of opportunities and prospects. And this does not take into account how picturesque and interesting this country is for foreigners in terms of national color. Usually Italy is chosen by students studying art, medicine, mathematics and diplomacy.

Sunny Italy opportunities

Which city to choose
If you are still in doubt, which city of Italy will suit you the most, you can consult with Mudra specialists.Their many years of experience and an extensive base of educational institutions will allow you to choose a school or university that best suits your requirements and expectations.

The country’s most popular university is located in the delightful city of Bologna. The following cities are also in special demand:





In Italy, Ukrainian students are attracted not only by picturesque landscapes, but also by the cost of education. In comparison with other European countries, the price is democratic and affordable, while the quality of education is in no way inferior to leading universities in the UK and the USA.

In addition, international students can get a free dorm room and even a scholarship.

Education system in Italy
To enter the university, you can go in two ways:

Complete all levels of education, starting with elementary school.

Take language courses and academic difference.

Please note that the education system at the State University of Turin is very different from the usual for the Ukrainian population: there is absolutely no specific class schedule and even exams do not have clear rules.

Students independently choose the disciplines that he will study. He also distributes the staged study of the material throughout the semester. At the same time, each specialty presupposes the presence of several disciplines that are required for study. An individual schedule is also determined for the delivery of control works.

Who study in Italy
The greatest popularity was brought to the country by specialties of the creative direction. Usually, connoisseurs and admirers of the world of fashion, architecture, design and painting, culinary art and choreography gather here. For Europeans, directions related to the history of art, philosophy, language learning and theater criticism are particularly attractive.

Ukrainians go to Italy to study applied professions. Therefore, such sciences as mathematics, economics, the medical field and practical physics are a priority for them.

How much is education in Italy
Italian education is considered one of the most budgetary for the Ukrainian population. The cost of studying in Italy for Ukrainians is the same as for the indigenous population of the country with all the attendant benefits and privileges.

The average tax of state universities usually does not exceed 700 euros per semester. For private educational institutions, the amount will be an order of magnitude higher – up to 2500 euros per semester.

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