Fascinating bike tour around Rimini
A bike tour around Rimini includes a tour of ancient fortresses. Most of the defensive structures were once owned by the Malatesta family, who ruled the land in the fourteenth…

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Italy and Europe: travel and leisure
A vacation on the Riviera in Venice is an excellent summer tour for every wandering soul to receive from life only the best. The most comfortable climate, a sunny beach…

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Hills of florence
Already in the XIV century, a large number of "rich villas, towers, courtyards and gardens" in the vicinity of Florence made a strong impression on travelers, according to Giovanni Villani,…

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Check out the rules

Each region of Italy or even in a particular city has its own laws, which are better not to violate, but for this you should familiarize yourself with them in advance, for example, on the Internet. So, for example, in Venice it is forbidden to feed pigeons. Well, yes, there are more of them than necessary, maybe at least so their population will decline. In Rome, it is not customary to eat outside, even if you bought food in a fast food cafe. Therefore, absorb all burgers, sausages and shawarma on the spot, and do not pace around them with the city. The same applies to Venice – you will not be able to sit on the promenade near San Marco and have a light picnic – the guard will immediately appear. Absolutely everywhere in Italy it is not customary to drink coffee on the go. You may find Starbucks, but don’t wander around town with a paper cup – not comme il faut.
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The whole truth about 25 Italian “no”

Italy is a beautiful country, and we sincerely envy those who are planning to visit the Apennine Peninsula this summer. An unforgettable vacation awaits you, unless … you do not spoil it yourself. There are a number of rules that are better to strictly observe in Italy. What kind? Now we will tell.

On the beach

If you decide to spend your vacation at sea, then remember that in Italy there are laws, sometimes strict, and sometimes curious, that you must follow.

Be chaste. The vast majority of beaches in Italy are municipal, and it is strictly forbidden to appear naked in them, and for women to swim and sunbathe topless. Ladies can unfasten the top of the swimsuit only when lying on their stomach. Change clothes should be in special booths. Surprised? Continue reading

How in Rome to see the Pope at work, and in Venice – to avoid large expenses and crowds of tourists

Italy is a blessed country for tourists, because it is beautiful in itself, and here you can easily do without guides: just wander around the unfamiliar streets and get incomparable pleasure. But we still decided to make a small guide to the most visited cities, so that the impression would be the most complete.

How in Rome to see the Pope at work, and in Venice – to avoid large expenses and crowds of tourists

1. In Rome, you will surely visit the Colosseum. Taking pictures at the walls of this magnificent building and looking inside is a must have for anyone who has come to Italy. Well, when the pictures are taken, take a walk to the Monti fashion district, where a fantastic “city market” takes place every weekend. Landmark – Grand Hotel Palatino. Here you will find a lot of interesting things: from works of modern art and creations of leading designers to vintage clothes, furniture and household items. The many trendy things you can find here make the Mercato Monti the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Continue reading

Not just pizza. 10 more street food to try in Italy

Our top 10 is not the most obvious dishes, without which Italy is not Italy. Especially on the streets …

Ascolana del piceno fried olives

If you are used to the fact that olives are only in brine, then Italians are in a hurry to surprise you – stuffed and fried in batter, they are simply delicious. In the provinces of Ascoli Piceno and Teramo, olives were grown by the ancient Greeks and Phoenicians. So this production is not one thousand years old. But they began to stuff and fry them only in the 19th century. As often happens, the savvy cook helped. In noble families, after plentiful feasts, meat often remained, and so that the product would not be wasted, a technology was invented in which olives are stuffed, breaded and then fried. A special variety with a lot of pulp is used for this. After a short fermentation, the fruits are placed in tanks with salt water flavored with fennel.

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Italy ski resorts

However, here we are, of course, a little cunning. And the ski brotherhood has a special attitude to those who do not ride. For them, they have come up with countless nicknames. A person who is standing on the side of the mountain in equipment, but does not go down, is called the “mountaineer”. A pretty young lady who behaves in the same way is called a “Christmas tree.” And it’s considered to be special chic to “light the Christmas tree,” that is, drive as close to such a girl as possible at high speed. Passengers of the lift without ski equipment, who use it as an excursion object, are called “caps”. Enough? We just wanted to prove that “non-skiing athletes” in ski resorts are more than enough. You certainly won’t be alone. And, of course, the lack of skills will not prevent you from delving into the apres-ski program – that is, what you do in the mountains besides descending from them. Continue reading

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